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  Trifox Inc. Wants to be "Better Than Ever" 

  »  Vickie Jaquess & Team
  »  Dynamic Graphics "Better Than Ever"
  »  6000 N. Forest Park Dr.
  »  Peoria, IL 61614

Brief Description of Project

This submission, three pages from a corporate web site, represents the company's entire marketing and sales effort. We do not place ads in magazines or trade journals. We have no PR effort. We do not print product collateral, documentation, or corporate backgrounders. We rely on word-of-mouth to get potential customers to visit the site, download an evaluation copy of software, find answers to their questions, and learn all they need/want to about the company.

Why it Needs a Redesign

The site needs a redesign to enhance its usefulness with a fresher look. The current design is functional, but not very interesting. The pages are too long, the white space isn't used effectively, and while fast to download, for the most part, doesn't encourage interactivity or browsing.

Respectfully sumbitted,

Trifox Inc. Webmaster