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Universal Cross-Platform Database Connectivity

Trifox Inc., founded in 1984, specializes in high performance OLTP database tools. Dedicated to providing interoperability between heterogeneous database environments, the company brings its 16 years of multi-tier application development experience to bear on the challenges facing today's businesses who use the Internet in their daily operations.

While many companies have provided existing 3rd party gateways and middleware products, Trifox has focused on actually enhancing the performance of database environments. The company's mission is to provide products that simplify the integration and optimize the performance of multi-tier database applications with attention to maintaining an "open system."

At the heart of Trifox's pantheon is VORTEX, which provides transparent concurrent access to all major databases on nearly all deployed platforms. VORTEX reaches low-level datasources such as ISAM, ADABAS C, and other flat-file structures via GENESIS. At the other end, DesignVision provide an integrated set of development tools for database and data management applications. This mature product line has been enhanced to seamlessly integrate with the Internet.

Multiple interfaces including pure Java, JDBC, Perl, and ODBC combined with unrivaled transaction speed and number of concurrent users makes VORTEX the best-of-breed for businesses with massive, mission-critical distributed systems.

Mission-Critical Technology

In hundreds of cities in the United States VORTEX is at the core of the system that enables dispatchers to rush the correct emergency service to the right address as well as track the service and resources, for maintenance personnel as well as documentation for the courts. For municipal agencies, VORTEX provides a cost-effective answer to the need for reliable real-time, high-volume transactions.

Internet Database Publishing

Using the World Wide Web for information storage and retrieval allows geographically dispersed communities to share results of research and investigations in near real-time. Using DesignVision to create the browser-based application and VORTEX to provide high-speed access to the databases, one government agency makes legacy and new information about diseases available on demand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at a very low cost.

Cross-Platform Migration

Aircraft development and maintenance require huge amounts of documentation, much of it in drawings and schematics. One engineering firm was directed to downsize from mainframes to minicomputers and at the same time store and share expanding and more complex pieces of data between an increasing number of geographically dispersed sites with a variety of computing resources. VORTEX helped them meet their rightsizing goals without compromising the mission and continues to provide access to all legacy data, faster, more reliably and seamlessly.

In each one of these cases, the VORTEX-based solution not only fit seamlessly into the enterprise, saving time and money, and dramatically improved the productivity of existing resources.

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