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Trifox products fall into three main categories in a hierarchical architecture:

  • VORTEX gives your client applications access to the databases it needs, including low-level data sources through GENESIS.
  • TRIMtools provides the TRIMpl script programming tools, used either standalone or with DesignVision.
  • DesignVision provides client development tools, if you haven't already created your applications.

At the heart of Trifox's pantheon is VORTEX, which provides transparent concurrent access to all major databases on nearly all deployed platforms.

VORTEX reaches low-level datasources such as ADABAS C, ISAM, Micro Focus, SDMS, and other flat-file structures through of the GENESIS group of drivers.

On the application side, TRIMtools and DesignVision provide an integrated development environment for database and data management applications. DesignVision combines the power and flexibility of a 3GL with the productivity of a 4GL to help professional developers build and maintain high-performance business applications in a high-productivity environment. DesignVision and its components simplify the challenges of development in an environment where applications are distributed across multiple incompatible hardware and software platforms.

The Trifox products are available on a wide variety of platforms, operating systems, databases, and networks. Note that not all products are available in all environments.

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