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Trifox is committed to our customers' satisfaction and success with all Trifox products. Trifox provides support for all current product versions. The previous version of a product is supported for up to 2 years after the next version is released. Fixes to previous versions may require an update to the current release.

DesignVision Version 5
VORTEXaccelerator Version 3
VORTEX Precompiler Version 3
VORTEXserver Version 4
GENESISsql Version 2

Basic Support

We typically answer email questions within 24 hours in all evaluation and customer situations. Send your questions to support@trifox.com and be sure to put any necessary files that illustrate your problem on our FTP site at pub/tmp to help us reproduce your case.

Before Writing ...

We have made all product documentation, as well as numerous FAQs, troubleshooting documents, and release notes available from this web site and our FTP site. Check out the FAQs and Tech notes before you send mail. The answer (and more interesting information) may already be there.

Special Services

We do make engineers available for site visits (see the performance guarantee), training seminars, and special consulting projects. For more information about these special services, email info@trifox.com.

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