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Perl applications and relational databases with platform independence!

VORTEXperl provides a simple interface for Perl applications to access all leading relational and legacy databases via the VORTEX database access and performance boosters, like VORTEXaccelerator, the industry-leading high performance transaction process monitor. With VORTEXperl you can quickly access database information from CGI applications and spend your time on application features instead of database specifics.

VORTEXperl reads and writes data directly to and from TCP/IP socket stream protocols that:

  • Eliminates the need to rebuild the Perl runtime.
  • Provides the best possible security and ensures compatibility with any Perl client.
VORTEXperl minimizes network traffic thereby improving performance, with the following advanced features:
  • Cursor caching -- Client side cursors are automatically cached, reducing actual interactions between the Perl client and the RDBMS server.
  • Bulk operations -- SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE requests operate on multiple records in a single network transaction.

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