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VORTEX++ is a thin class library that rests on top of the actual raw VORTEX API.

The API has a message-based interface and is machine-independent, supporting only three basic datatypes: CHAR/BINARY, NUMBER, and DATETIME. These attributes make the VORTEXcli very efficient at moving data (either locally, or across a network); however, it can be cumbersome to use.

VORTEX++ smooths the process by providing a few simple classes to handle all database access. In addition, it provides convenient classes to handle the basic datatypes, including operator overloading and many conversion methods.

Main Classes

The main VORTEX++ classes are:
dbChannel Encapsulates a database connection. Each instance corresponds to an actual DBMS connection.
dbStatement Encapsulates a SQL statement. Each instance corresponds to a logical VORTEXserver cursor.
dbDescription Describes an output column.
dbException The base class for all VORTEX++ exceptions.
dbObject The base class for all VORTEX++ data objects.

Like all VORTEX program interfaces, VORTEX++ minimizes network traffic thereby improving performance, with the following advanced features:

 »  Cursor caching -- Client side cursors are automatically cached, reducing actual interactions between the Java client and the RDBMS server.

 »  Bulk operations -- SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE requests operate on multiple records in a single network transaction.

More Reading

 »  VORTEX++ Reference Manual.

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