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Scenario 3

COBOL Client Application on Windows System to DB2 Database on Mainframe

In Scenario 3, a Windows client runs a COBOL application that has been processed with VORTEXcobol. It accesses the data in a DB2 database, which runs on an MVS mainframe computer.

The components, URLs, user names and passwords are all examples. You must substitute the correct values for your own site.



 »  VORTEXcobol
 »  VORTEXnet
 »  connection string for DB2:


 »  db2 sub-system: DSN
 »  machine name: IBMHOST
 »  machine operating system: MVS
 »  VORTEXnet


  1. The VORTEXnet evaluation kit is installed on the MVS system (this procedure is beyond the scope of this example).
  2. VORTEXcobol runs once on the client system to convert the COBOL with embedded SQL into a COBOL source file with the embedded calls converted to VORTEXcli calls.
  3. After compilation and linking, the COBOL program can access DB2 on the MVS system.
  4. Since VORTEXnet uses the native VORTEXserver DB2 driver on MVS, performance is superior to DDCS or ODBC solutions.

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