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Scenario 1

VORTEXjdbc and Oracle on Solaris

In Scenario 1, a JDBC client application running on Windows is connecting to an Oracle database server on Sun Solaris. The components, URLs, user names and passwords are all examples. You must substitute the correct values for your own site.



 »  VORTEXjdbc
 »  connection URL for Drivermanager.getConnection():


 »  machine name: myora
 »  machine operating system: Solaris
 »  Oracle userid/passwd: scott/tiger
 »  Oracle home: /usr/oracle
 »  Oracle SID: ORA7
 »  VORTEXnet


  1. The VORTEXnet evaluation kit, which includes the daemon and driver, is installed in /usr2/trifox/bin.
  2. The VORTEXdaemon, vtxnetd, is started on myora as:
        vtxnetd -p1958 &
  3. When Drivermanager.getConnection() is executed, a message is sent via the socket (port 1958) to vtxnetd to start up vtxhost.ora.

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