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Oracle SQL*QMX Upgrade

Have you ever noticed the copyright line on the home panel of SQL*QMX? Look closely and you see Trifox, Incorporated! Trifox created the original SQL*QMX and has continued to add new features, renaming the product to TRIMqmr along the way.

TRIMqmr is completely upgrade compatible with SQL*QMX, so you don't lose any of your investment in PROCS, FORMS, or QUERIES. Your users don't require any training whatsoever.

Why upgrade?

The Oracle-Trifox agreement lapsed several years ago and Oracle is no longer maintaining or selling SQL*QMX. By upgrading to TRIMqmr, you can relax with maintenance and support from Trifox.

In addition, TRIMqmr runs on top of VORTEX, so you can now access all the databases supported by VORTEX! And since the GENESIS driver is part of VORTEXserver, you can develop TRIMqmr reports for legacy databases. All this without having to learn anything new!

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