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TRIMqmr Access to Synergex Databases!

Would your job be simpler if you could use the same reportwriter regardless of the target DBMS or platform? If you are already using Synergex' ODBC driver, you can! Trifox created the Synergex ODBC driver as well as TRIMqmr, a clone of IBM's QMF. TRIMqmr already runs on a variety of relational databases as well as platforms, including NT, Unix, VMS, MVS, and now you can use it on existing Synergex databases!

The Data Dictionary Converter reads your existing Synergy Data Dictionary and creates a "relational" dictionary that is used by the ODBC driver. At this point, your ISAM files now look like relational tables, ready for TRIMqmr's powerful reportwriting capabilities. There is no need to write code to create complex reports, simply have TRIMqmr do the work.

If you need even more control, use TRIMtools, including TRIMreport, or VORTEX, with its VORTEXc precompiler.

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