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Persistence -- Database Access

Persistence uses the VORTEXchannel to access relational databases. As a Persistence user, you already have VORTEXchannel with direct links to the various database vendors' libraries. For client/server access, however, the original Persistence software relies upon the database vendor's network software. Not only can this increase database licensing costs, it also means that your DBA has to understand the various network architectures of the different vendors. In addition, if your application needs to access different databases, you may need to link separate executables for each one, creating a maintenance hassle and a disk usage problem.


VORTEXserver's VORTEXnet uses the same simple client/server protocol regardless of the database. Each client machine has only one executable linked with VORTEXclient. Each server machine has only the VORTEXnet daemon and a VORTEXnet database host program, one for each database type.

If you need to access a local database as well as server database's, you can link both a direct database driver and the VORTEXclient driver into the same executable, using the connect string to direct your connection to the correct target.

In most situations, VORTEXnet is faster than the vendor's network solution. Because VORTEXnet. was designed from the start to be a high-transaction interface, it is more effective than solutions that began as small, standalone objects and have been adapted to to fit the complex environments of today's enterprises.


As your system grows and the number of users expands, your performance will ultimately suffer. You have two alternatives: buy more hardware or use VORTEXaccelerator. VORTEXaccelerator was originally developed to support a 1200 user system in Scandanvia in the early 1990's. It employs many sophisticated algorithms to speed up database access while minimizing memory usage.

Since you are already using the VORTEX technology, you do not have to change any of your code to use VORTEXacclerator! Other transaction monitors, such as Tuxedo or Encina require special calls. VORTEXacclerator can be "swapped" in with minimal effort. The VORTEXmonitor component provides statistics on how the VORTEXaccelerator is working.

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