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Trifox Announces Unicode Support

CAMPBELL, California, July 15, 1997 -- Trifox Inc., announced today that its intention to add new data sources to the world's most open accessware continues at full pace.

UNICODE becomes the latest target for VORTEX-supported networks and enterprises with the newly released 16-bit UNICODE support, which also permits the mixing of UNICODE and non-UNICODE components.

"After completing the UNICODE enhancement, we now understand why so many other vendors have either given up or missed schedules for years," says Niklas Back, Trifox CEO. "The fact that our core development team is essentially the same one that implemented the original code for VORTEX means that the UNICODE enhancement, not a trivial undertaking, has been incorporated into the baseline code. Making the investment in adding UNICODE to our baseline will allow us to support this new platform with all our upgrades and enhancments."

Back also notes that, "In addition to our VORTEX product line, our GUItools are also UNICODE-capable. This is very important to our global customers."

The new support, currently in beta, can be used interchangeably with 16-bit files, even across networks of different byte ordering machines. In addition, existing applications and reports developed using Trifox's application development suite, TRIMtools continue to run without modification.

"The real cost of application development is not the tools themselves, although some vendors' pricing is way out of line, but rather the time and money spent in training the developers and creating the applications and reports," says Back. "By not obsoleting our customers' investments, we can provide them a big lead over their competitors."

About Trifox Inc. Trifox Inc., founded in 1984, specializes in high performance OLTP oriented database tools. Dedicated to providing interoperability between heterogeneous database environments, the company brings its more than 10 years of multi-tier application development experience to bear on the challenges facing today's businesses who use the Internet in their daily operations.

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