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Unicode Now Available on Windows 95

CAMPBELL, California, December 2, 1997 -- Trifox Inc., announced today complete UNICODE support for Windows 95.

With this announcement, Trifox now provides UNICODE support for both Windows 95 and Windows NT. "This effort was hampered by the lack of native UNICODE support within Windows 95," says Niklas Back, Trifox CEO. "NT actually runs UNICODE internally and so that was an easier development platform. It is our impression that no other 4GL vendor has anything near Trifox' UNICODE support capabilities."

About Trifox Inc. Trifox Inc., founded in 1984, specializes in high performance OLTP oriented database tools. Dedicated to providing interoperability between heterogeneous database environments, the company brings its more than 10 years of multi-tier application development experience to bear on the challenges facing today's businesses who use the Internet in their daily operations.

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