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Trifox Adds NetWare Platform Support

CAMPBELL, California, November 26, 1997 -- Trifox Inc., announced today the latest addition to its VORTEX family of products.

NetWare becomes the latest platform to support the VORTEX server. This means that users can now take advantage of NetWare's intrinsic performance benefits over Microsoft's Windows NT platform for server capability.

"In the past, NetWare has been viewed as a fast file server and Windows NT has been positioned as the application server," says Niklas Back, Trifox CEO. "With our support of NetWare, customers can now use the high-preformance NetWare platform for both file and application servers. Applications designed using our TRIMtools product line can be stored on the NetWare server and accessed with our ultra-thin GUI client product. In addition, by using VORTEX' network hopping protocol, applications on the server can access databases anywhere in the network, even through a firewall."

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