Uses of Class

Packages that use dbChannel

Uses of dbChannel in vortex

Constructors in vortex with parameters of type dbChannel
dbCursor(dbChannel db)
          Allocate and initialize a standard (no blobs) dbCursor.
dbCursor(dbChannel db, boolean willInvolveBlobs)
          Allocate and initialize a dbCursor that may involve blobs.
dbCursor(dbChannel db, boolean willInvolveBlobs, boolean willInvolvePosUpd, boolean willBeScrollable)
          Allocate and initialize a dbCursor that may involve blobs or positioned updates or be scrollable.

Uses of dbChannel in vortex.sql

Methods in vortex.sql that return dbChannel
 dbChannel vortexRecord.getDbChannel()
          Return VORTEX dbChannel for this record

Updated December 10 2014