Package vortex.sql

Class Summary
vortexCallableStatement The interface used to execute SQL stored procedures.
vortexConnection A connection (session) with a specific database.
vortexDbMetaData Comprehensive information about the database as a whole.
vortexDriver The interface that every driver class must implement.
vortexMetaResult An object that can be used to get information about the types and properties of the columns in a ResultSet object.
vortexParameterMetaData A ParameterMetaData object is used to get information about the type and properties of the parameters in a PreparedStatement object.
vortexPreparedStatement A SQL statement is pre-compiled and stored in a PreparedStatement object.
vortexRecord Object containing the results of a select query.
vortexResultSet This class implements the ResultSet for JDBC interface The class is designed to hold the results of database queries.
vortexStatement A Statement object is used for executing a static SQL statement and obtaining the results produced by it.

Updated May 06 2016