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VORTEX and ODBC Connectivity

Do you plan on supporting Object Oriented databases in a "pass-thru" mode? Specifically, we're looking at talking to Objectivity using VORTEX.
If you used our ODBC driver, then it should work. We have not considered doing any native OODBMS drivers since the market is just too small and performance does not seem to be important.

I'm used to the standard ODBC.INI format on a Solaris machine. Are there any other variables or syntax I may need to know about ? If I have more than one data source do I repeat the buffer_size, columns, etc for each one or is that only done once at the beginning ?
The odbc.ini file for VORTEXodbc needs to reside in the $VORTEX_HOME\lib directory. You only need to give the buffer_size information once at the beginning.

On what platforms is VORTEXodbc currently supported?
Trifox's VORTEXodbc supports the following:
  • Windows
  • unixODBC

Installation of vortexodbc.exe on Windows (with all the defaults) fails with the error: "Trifox, Inc. ODBC 32bit Driver Installation, An error occurred during the move data process: -115"
This error generally occurs when you run out of TEMP space. Ensure that the environment variable TEMP points to a directory on a disk with at least 6 MB of free space.

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