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DesignVision Overview

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DesignVision is an integrated development environment for database and data management application development.

Because of its seamless interface with VORTEX accessware, DesignVision and its components opens a whole new world to you, the application developer.

Build high performance business applications in a high productivity environment -- and run on virtually any platform, against any commercial database, including an enterprise-wide application where development is spread across multiple incompatible hardware and software platforms. You can even adapt your application to the World Wide Web without any modifications.

Integrated Environment

Very much like the "visual" languages available today, DesignVision simplifies the user interface design, letting you focus on the functionality of an application or report instead of managing the details of creating applications with a consistent "look and feel" and functionality. Trifox tools, however, are optimized and designed specifically for developing applications and reports that access databases.

DesignVision offers a seamless integration of reports and applications, even in a heterogeoneous environment. You can design reports that call and are called by DesignVision-authored applications. Imagine letting your users call a form to query a database and pass the relevant data to a report without any additional work on their part.

DesignVision runs in two modes. The first mode lets you run old TRIM applications in a thin client or fat client windowing environment without having to recompile them. It presents an ANSI terminal look-alike. An NxM character (cell) object (widget) acts as a regular character-based terminal. Internal functions such as confirmation boxes, prompt dialogs, and list viewers all take advantage of the target presentation's native functions and widgets.

The second mode offers the full array of windowing widgets that comprise the DesignVision and TRIM library. You can run existing applications with a simple recompile.

More Benefits

Combining the best of 4GLs, 3GLs, and OOP, DesignVision makes your job easier with:

 »  The ability to take advantage of SQL extensions without sacrificing database independence.
 »  Screen painters for forms and reports.
 »  An extended C-like procedural language, domain support and reusable code.
 »  Tightly integrated data dictionary that simplifies localization and makes possible multiple concurrent development streams.


... is a procedural language for SQL users that allows for standard modular programming with DesignVision. TRIMpl's programming syntax is similar to C, reducing the learning curve for many developers. TRIMpl lets you develop libraries of callable objects that can be used by the other TRIMtools. It offers event-driven features such as soft function keys and data validation as data is entered. With TRIMpl you will finally experience an environment that enables the productivity gains needed to produce high performance applications in a timely fashion. TRIMpl is bundled with DesignVision but can be licensed as a stand-alone product.

... is an interactive screen painted report generator for simple and complex reports. Design and lay out all your reports on a screen. Save time by creating often-used procedures in TRIMpl, and using them at many different stages of the report. You can even let your end-user develop user-defined procedures that are accessible to all other procedures in the report. You can call a DesignVision-authored application from TRIMreport and share data, as well. TRIMreport has interfaces to all output devices and supports color output.

... is an end-user facility for developing applications and reports. TRIMqmr supports both QBE (Query By Example) and SQL, as well as QBE to SQL translation (a useful SQL learning tool). A full function reportwriter is also included, as well as a simple scripting facility. On-screen prompts and help screens take the user through all the necessary steps.

Upgrades from the following products are available:

... gives you transparent access to remote procedure calls anywhere on the network.

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