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Methods in vortex that throw dbException
 void dbChannel.cancel()
          Cancel an outstanding request.
 void dbChannel.close(dbCursor cursor, boolean hard)
          Close a dbCursor.
 boolean dbChannel.Command(dbCursor cursor, int command, java.lang.String sql)
          Send VORTEXchannel command.
 void dbChannel.commit(boolean startUpdateTrans)
          Commit a transaction.
 void dbChannel.connect(java.lang.String hostName, int port, java.lang.String hostProgram, java.lang.String dbConnectString, java.lang.String envVariables)
          Connect to a remote RDBMS.
 void dbChannel.connect(java.lang.String hostName, int port, java.lang.String hostProgram, java.lang.String dbConnectString, java.lang.String envVariables, java.util.Properties info)
          Connect to a remote RDBMS.
 void dbChannel.descparms(dbCursor cursor)
          Describe the bind parameters
 void dbChannel.execute(dbCursor cursor)
          Execute a non-SELECT dbCursor.
 void dbChannel.executeIO(dbCursor cursor)
          Execute a stored procedure dbCursor.
 void dbChannel.executePX(dbCursor cursorPX, int fetDbcur)
          Execute a non-SELECT position exec dbCursor.
 void dbChannel.fetch(dbCursor cursor)
          Open and fetch from a SELECT dbCursor.
 dbBlob dbChannel.getBlob(dbCursor cursor, int blobColumn, int maxNumBytes)
          Get (receive) BLOB/CLOB data from the RDBMS.
 byte[] dbChannel.getByte(dbCursor cursor)
          Get the next column as a byte array.
 java.util.Date dbChannel.getDate(dbCursor cursor)
          Get the next column as a Date.
 dbNumber dbChannel.getNumber(dbCursor cursor)
          Get the next column as a dbNumber.
 void dbChannel.getSkip(dbCursor cursor, int numColsToSkip, boolean stopOnColZero)
          Skip (pass over) columns.
 java.lang.String dbChannel.getString(dbCursor cursor)
          Get the next column as a string.
 int dbChannel.IPC(dbCursor cursor, java.lang.String sql)
          Send VORTEXchannel IPC.
 boolean dbChannel.isClosed()
          Check if connection is closed.
 void dbChannel.putBlob(dbCursor cursor, int blobColumn, dbBlob blob)
          Put (send) BLOB/CLOB data to the RDBMS.
 void dbChannel.release()
          Release a connected RDBMS.
 void dbChannel.rollback(boolean startUpdateTrans)
          Rollback a transaction.
 void dbChannel.sql(dbCursor cursor, java.lang.String sqlStatement, int numDimensions, int numParameters)
          Associate a SQL statement to a dbCursor.

Constructors in vortex that throw dbException
dbCursor(dbChannel db)
          Allocate and initialize a standard (no blobs) dbCursor.
dbCursor(dbChannel db, boolean willInvolveBlobs)
          Allocate and initialize a dbCursor that may involve blobs.
dbCursor(dbChannel db, boolean willInvolveBlobs, boolean willInvolvePosUpd, boolean willBeScrollable)
          Allocate and initialize a dbCursor that may involve blobs or positioned updates or be scrollable.

Updated December 10 2014