Displays the contents of a specified list.

Available in:

Apps (win) Apps (char) Reportwriter RPC Standalone PL
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expr list_view(list-name,ret-col[,view-col,...])
list           list-name
expr           ret-col,view-col


list-name specifies the list.

ret-col is the absolute zero-based column position of the data to be returned.

view-col (optional) specifies which columns to display. Column numbers can be any expression that evaluates to either an integer or a char string containing space-delimited integers or any combination of these. The default is all columns.


The list_view() box has basic scrolling capabilities. End users select an item by moving the cursor to the desired item's position, using the arrow, [PgUp/PgDn], and [Home] [End] keys, and pressing [Enter]. The chosen position becomes the current item pointer. This function restricts end users to one column for which to return a value. See function descriptions for more information.


Loads a list with part codes and descriptions; then, prompts the user to select a part based on the description and return its code.
xx   = list_open("SELECT code,description FROM parts",1000,"Parts");
code = list_view(xx,0,1);