Sets/gets status of a field.

Available in:

Apps (win) Apps (char) Reportwriter RPC Standalone PL
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int field_flag([data[,[name | number] [attribute,flag]]])
expr            data
int             attribute,number,flag
string          name


Sets or gets the status of a field. If no parameter is given, the active field's flag is returned. The integer flag is assigned to each field in an application; each flag is initially set to 0.
data (optional) specifies the new flag value:

1flg_active Field is currently active. If reset, field assignments are not echoed to the screen. Turned on by window(w,open) Turned off by window(w,close).
2flg_modified Value is assigned to the field's variable.
4flg_input Field input complete.
8flg_output Field output complete.

name specifies particular fields by name.

number specifies particular fields field sequence number.

attribute specifies a bitmask.

flag = true specifies that all fields with the specified attribute are executed; If flag is not specified, all fields that do not have any of the field attributes are executed. These last three flags are not reset by the system; the application must reset these flags. Review trim.h for more details.