Displays a confirmation window and returns the value for the user's choice.

Available in:

Apps (win) Apps (char) Reportwriter RPC Standalone PL
X X X   X


int confirm(title,msg[,default[,icon[,button]]])
string      title, msg
int         default, icon, button


Displays a confirmation window with the title and msg and returns the specified value.
default (optional) specifies one of the following buttons.
Mnemonic Value Description
confirm_no (default) 0 no button
confirm_yes 1 yes button
confirm_ok 2 ok button
confirm_cancel 3 cancel button
confirm_retry 4 retry button
confirm_abort 5 abort button
confirm_ignore 6 ignore button
icon (optional) specifies one of the following icons.
Mnemonic Value Description
confirm_quest (default) 0 question mark
confirm_exclam 1 exclamation mark
confirm_stop 2 stop sign
confirm_info 3 information icon
confirm_none 4 no icon
button (optional) specifies one of the following buttons.
Mnemonic Value Description
confirm_yesno (default) 0 yes no
confirm_yesnocancel 1 yes no cancel
confirm_okonly 2 ok
confirm_okcancel 3 ok cancel
confirm_retrycancel 4 retry
confirm_abortretryignore 5 abort retry ignore


char title, msg;
int  start,icon,button;

msg    = "hello";
title  = "msg from the heart";
start  = confirm_ok;
icon   = confirm_info;
button = confirm_okonly;
displays a confirmation box with an OK button and an Information icon.