VORTEXchannel error messages

All messages are listed in alphabetical order.


Data conversion failed (hostvar : %d)

The requested data conversion failed. Check that the requested data is of the appropriate type. For example, this error would occur if you requested a character column to be fetched into an integer and the character data did not consist all of digits.


SQLDA is invalid

The SQLDA structure has not been initialize correctly. Check that the first three fields are set as required.


Invalid BLOB column ID

The specified column is not a BLOB column.


BLOB file operation (%s) failed

For the RDBMSs that keep BLOB data in external files various file operations could fail.


BLOB length mismatch

The length of the blob does not match the length specified in an earlier call.


Cannot return BLOB data via a stored procedure

Use BLOB specific functions to return BLOB data.


Could not find DB driver entry point %s (handle: %p)

The loaded DLL does not contain the expected entry point. This typically happens when the wrong DLL has been loaded and only occurs on machines that support DLLs.



Could not load the specified DLL. The DLL is either missing or invalid. This error will only occur on machines that support DLLs.


Loaded DLL is not thread safe

Loaded DLL is not thread safe.


Expected an integer parameter

The driver COMMAND expects the command line's first token to be an integer.


Invalid parameter

A parameter to the driver COMMAND is invalid.


Driver not configured

The DB driver has not been configured. The first call must always be the CONFIG call.


Driver '%s' not found

The driver specified in the connect string cannot be found.


Fetch buffer overflow

VORTEXaccelerator's fetch buffer has been exceeded. This assertion error only occurs if VORTEXaccelerator is being used. The fetch buffer used in VORTEXaccelerator has a fixed maximum size in shared memory.


Attempting a FETCH from a closed cursor (%s%d)

The cursor being used for the FETCH has previously been closed.


Flip buffer overflow

This assertion error occurs if too many parameters are specified. The current limit is approximately 250 parameters. Note that multiple dimensions are not included in this limit.


Invalid cursor

The cursor has not been initialized. The cursor must be set to -1 before the first call and cannot be modified after subsequent calls.


No cursors available

No more cursors available. Please allocate more logical cursors allocated.


Invalid cursor for positioned EXEC

The cursor must be valid from a previous VTXOPEN() call.


Invalid date/time

Assertion error. The format of the date and/or time data is invalid.


DB version mismatch (expected: %s, found %d)

The version of the DB driver is not at the same level as the VORTEXchannel runtime library. This error is most common when VORTEXclient/server is being used, but can also occur if an older driver has been linked with a newer runtime library.


Invalid (internal) number

Assertion error. This could occur if the data being converted to an internal number is invalid.


Invalid precompiler version

The version of the precompiler that generated the VORTEXcli calls is not at the same level as the VORTEXcli runtime library. You must use the same version level for both products.


Invalid UPDATE statement

Invalid UPDATE statement for BLOB processing. Sybase specific error.


Too many bind(host) variables

Too many bind variables specified for a particular stored procedure or prepared statement.


Too many concurrently open cursors (%s: %d)

There are too many DB cursors open. Either configure VORTEXchannel to allocate more DB cursors or close any cursors that you do not need.


Too many columns (%s%d) returned by query

The query will return more columns than have been allocated. Modify your query or allocate more columns when you initialize VORTEXchannel.


Too many connections

This error only applies to 16-bit Windows and indicates that the 4 concurrent connection limit has been exceeded.


Too many logical cursors

TRIMtools error indicating that too many logical cursors have been requested. Allocate more logical cursors in 'trim.ini'.


Too many rows returned by query

The query will return more rows than expected. This will happen in an embedded SQL program where a single row is expected.


Not connected

A connect must be performed before any other operations.


No DB driver linked

There is no DB driver available for the requested connection. Check that your connect string is correct. If you have built the product from VORTEX libraries make sure that the link sequence is correct.


Out of memory

This is a fatal error. Either there is no more heap memory available (rare) or the heaps have been corrupted. Notify your system administrator immediately.


oopt() requires two integer parameters

Oracle's oopt() function requires two integer parameters. Please see Oracle's OCI documents for more details.


'Piggy-back': %s (errno: %d)

'Piggy-back' file operation failed.


Position EXEC requires a 'for browse' cursor

A positioned EXECute (UPDATE or DELETE) requires an previously opened and positioned cursor. The cursor must be open in 'for browse' mode. Only occurs in Sybase and Microsoft's SQL Server.


Position EXEC requires an open cursor

A positioned EXECute (UPDATE or DELETE) requires an previously opened and positioned cursor.


SQLCA not registered

This assertion error only applies to 16-bit Windows. Contact your DBA immediately if this error occurs.


Unknown DESCRIBEd datatype (%s%d)

The datatype of a described datatype is unknown. This is an assertion error that may occur if a RDBMS has introduced a new datatype and an older VORTEX driver is being used.


Unsupported function (%s: %d)

Assertion error. An unsupport DB driver function has been encountered. Please see your system administrator.


ZERO columns returned by query

A query has return zero columns. This will happen when the query is not a SELECT statement.